"My profit is up 70% over last year. I've been working with Ron since 2010. During that time, we've taken my business from one that was struggling to make ends meet, to one that's successful and profitable. I recently started his sales training program and I am using many of his ideas to help improve sales calls. Ron has truly helped me think differently about my business and I'm getting great results."
Liz Hersh, Hersh Marketing & PR (Bundling/Down sell Strategies)

“I recently had the opportunity to hear Ron speak at his Rainmaker seminar, and knew within minutes he was the real deal. As a result of what I learned, I was inspired to enroll in one of his coaching programs and I'm glad I did. In just a few short weeks, my business has grown and I'm gaining more clarity and vision on what I want. With Ron's guidance I feel ready to take my business to the next level. We book every available appointment. I recommend Ron to anyone wishing to take their business to the next level.”
Joe Medina, DC Balanced Health Solutions (Bundling / Upsell Strategies)

“Ron has been as big an influence on my success as a business owner as anyone could ever possibly be. He truly cares about your success and provides you with the skills necessary to be successful. I don't throw the word "genius" around much, but honestly, Ron fits that category. He is truly an amazing person and a great coach. Truly a guy who delivers what he promises.”
Todd Jones, Internet Marketing

“I have had a business relationship with Ron for the last 10 years, ranging from utilizing his expert business coaching abilities in enhancing my business process, to participation in a Master Mind group under his direction. I would without hesitation, recommend Ron to any company regardless of its size that is looking to take their business to the next level.”
Jim Clark, Centralized Business Solutions (Systemization)

“Our sales from last year have risen by $183,632.29. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your mentoring and guidance in the Business Growth Experience Sales Rainmaker Program. Earlier this week I found myself at a sales appointment with a difficult lead. Instead of potentially losing a sale I was able to turn the appointment around when I would typically have walked away. Since starting the program I am able to be more confident in my sales process, and have been closing sales at a higher profit margin.”
Mike Mireiter, Unique Landscaping LLC (Systemization & Handling Objections)

"I've spent years trying to improve my firm's business development efforts. The challenge has been that traditional sales techniques don't work well with a service business. Can you imagine a heart surgeon having a salesperson that does cold calling for him? Probably not. It's similar for my technology business. Cold calling and traditional closing techniques just don't work. Ron really gets it. I've personally been to his classes and have gotten to know him. He's the real deal, and knows how to teach people how to increase business in a natural, easy way that really works."
Cary Root, ALG Technology (JV Strategies)

“Our business is up 55% in the last 12 months! As business owners, many times we are too close to our everyday patterns of work to see what needs to be changed to excel. The Business Growth Experience makes you think, learn, grow and aspire in every step you take. Every business owner should take the time to invest in the Business Growth Experience! The return on investment in time, money and focus far exceeded our expectations.”
MTO Clean (Selling Value / Black Light / Rebrand)

"I've received 10 referrals between cleaning, insurance, and real estate in the last week. We discussed just focusing on 3 types of businesses. Well I'm getting more referrals for those types of businesses. I'm truly amazed. Thank you." Changing my beliefs has led to more action and more successful sales! I highly recommend Ron and the BGE.”
Jacci Adams, 3x4 Consulting

"I really didn’t understand the brilliance of The Platinum Rule and The Nine Principals until I have worked with you in the last two weeks. I am truly amazed at what I have learned. You are one of the true masters at their trade. I have interviewed Chet Homes, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, Bob Proctor to name a few, and I got to tell you Ron, you rank with the best.” Dale Stefancic

“I had 1000% ROI in just four months. I met this master ‘maven’ (a la ‘The Tipping Point’) a few years ago. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation delivered on his “One Degree Difference” program. Simply amazing. It challenged some very decidedly wrongheaded thinking on my part. The scales fell away! It helps me address change faster than my competition. Therefore, I am pleased to call him a colleague and a mentor."

“Ron has proven that once you get your personal "beliefs" in proper order, one can really produce beyond all expectations. Last year I learned about the Business Growth Experience and joined almost immediately. Ron challenged a number of my assumptions and as a direct result I have experienced tremendous growth. I can recommend his program with 100% confidence.” Jeff “SKI” Kinsey (Defining the right customer)

“You were there when I needed you the most. You kept me going through one of the hardest periods in my life. Your encouragement and wisdom pulled me out of a deep hole. Your tough love showed me that I can't continue to con myself. I thank you for being a friend!"

"As a result of learning to think differently, we repackaged our product, redesigned our brochure and increased gross revenues by over $10K in a few months with fewer customers. I would recommend the Business Growth Experience for all small business owners."
Dallas Wallace, Photography Raised Prices)

"I had my best month ever. We increased revenues and I “found” two hours every day by using what I learned in The Business Growth Experience. My return on investment has been easily 150% or more."
Derry S., Business Services (Time Management)

“I increased my revenues by 24% within six months of joining this program."
Dave V., Finance (USP Definition)

"It is like Alcoholics Anonymous for the business owner. I can come in and discuss all my problems, mistakes, challenges and opportunities and get positive, constructive feedback. I walk out of each meeting feeling great."
Richard H., Management Consulting and Turnaround Specialist

“First and foremost I thank God, and family and friends but there are a few people I have to give a special thanks to: Bob Proctor, Rev Ike, Napoleon Hill, Ron Finklestein, Joe Vitale, Vic Hutchinson, and Mama Jenny!!!!”
Dean Barham

“I had a serendipitous meeting with Ron Finklestein and I am energized. Here is where I am. I have a coaching practice and I know my stuff and I have been very successful with the clients I have. I want more clients. In the span of about 45 minute Ron showed me where the “disconnect” is between what I’m saying in my marketing and what my clients are wanting to hear. Yeah even coaches need a coach.”
Charles, Life Transformational Coach

“So, after leaving your office I followed your instructions.......and suddenly have more people calling than I can handle right now.”
Donna Zabel, Travel Consultant(Creating Value)

Thank you for pouring your heart into the lessons you have taught me on growing my business. How to quickly identify and deal with the four types of people we meet has been a huge help to me. You have taught me many ways to find more clients and keep them and most of all to overcome some of my fears and to think BIG. I am more than prepared to be much more successful then I have ever been. I will keep you updated as I consider you a mentor and a friend. By the way, thank you for the POWERFUL workshop yesterday.

I think the true sign of a great teacher and motivator is if the next morning when you get up to face reality you are still motivated and hungry to learn more that's how I woke up this morning. I told my wife the money I have invested in the Business Growth Experience is not worth the cost of a single paperback book if I don’t apply what I learned. Since I applied what I learned I don’t think there is a way to measure the value of the course. It is priceless because I not only met all my sales goals and my life and business is simpler.
Dave Murrell – Yes Electrical (Identified Ideal customer)

You are a true friend and a fantastic coach – I thank you for all your help over the years.
Gary Cerasi, Accountant (Focus on his strength-Sales)

“I wanted to take a few moments and write to you because I had one of, if not the best holiday I have EVER had. I was sitting here this morning reflecting over my weekend trying to figure out what was different this year so I could recreate it for Christmas! My realization is I was what was different this year. To give you a brief history I come from a very broken home. I have actually been on my own since I was 16 years old (I left on my birthday.) I had a lot of abuse both mental and physical from my parents and step-parents alike. Going through the program I really have been changing. I have changed the way I am speaking and most importantly the way I have been listening. In short, thank you. Thank you for bringing some calm to my life and an understanding of my parents that I have never been able to have. Before I forget I have grown sales as well!”

"My return on investment has easily been in excess of 500%! This group is demonstrably the most beneficial resource for unlimited personal and professional growth that I have found in over two decades of searching. I created new products, learned to market them differently, and created long lasting friendships."
Al P., Business Services and Training

"The Business Growth Experience has easily paid for itself. We gained seven new customers by getting focused on our core products and services. We reduce the time it took in one business process by 8X and we totally automated another process. Not to sound all ‘psychobabbly’ – but not only do things run smoother that way, but I feel better when things are systematized.”
Jared S., Information Technology

"Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts. It means a lot to me. I was inspired and motivated after Tuesday seminar and took action. I did not fire the client but I did lay the ground rules that we both can agree on and I raised my fees to an amount that we both are happy with. I feel truly honored to have someone like you in my corner. Your guidance and support gives me that extra advantage to be a better business partner with my clients and a better person over all."
Litsa V. Accountant

You are an amazing man, Ron, and an absolute pleasure to work with!
Joanna Medin, TruNorth, Chief Operating Officer

“16 new clients for the month (again, not typical for this time of the year). ZERO advertising money for the month. Woo hoo!!”
Jo Ann D.

“I developed 12 new customers in less than 30 days using what I learned.”
Mike Frank

“Ron, your Sales Planning for 2015 seminar was the most powerful, "start the new year right" advice I have ever received because, in addition to the importance of setting activity and income goals, you had me focus on WHY I was setting these objectives and what would be my motivation to pour all my energies into achieving them.

“The WHY is such a critical part of achieving success. Thank you for the list of questions to help me clarify my WHY. Questions such as What do I want and how bad do I want it and What will I do to get it? These questions will help me overcome the rejections and failures that are such a necessary part of success but which have tripped me up in past years. Thank you for being such a caring and positive speaker and coach!”
Rubin Wald, President, anewwayofthinking.com

I meant to tell you this sooner... concerning your coaching on the agenda for a sales call... This has been a huge difference in my business. It's not that I didn't know this, it's that I had gotten lax on doing this. After getting comfortable with what you do, it's easy to forget that message is new to the person on the other side of the table every time. In my business, I'm often doing an appointment with a couple, where a spouse is told at the last minute that somebody's coming over. Another situation is potential associates coming in for an interview, they are often nervous as well, because they don't know what to expect, or what's expected of them is unclear. Both of those scenarios, I have found that laying out my expectations of what I'd like to have accomplished has done amazing things for the conversation. You can see the stress melt right off of people when done correctly. As a result I achieved my investment goal in six months. This means I did double the work in half the time."
Bob Powers (Back to Basics)

“It is 3 weeks into the quarter and I already made my quarterly goal. I even took a week off for vacation.”
Tim Plonski

“I truly owe you a great deal of gratitude. With your help I am reach heights that I didn’t think I would ever be able to reach. Thanks. 80% close Rate.” Selling Value - Mike Lemmeyer

“We hired Ron to help create and align a Sales Strategy to our company's very aggressive sales goals. Ron is extremely dedicated to making an impact and getting results. He truly cares and has demonstrated on numerous occasions by going the extra mile to help get the results we are desiring. Most consultants will setup a process, train, get paid, and get out. What separates Ron from the others is his ability to coach through the entire process until you are comfortable moving forward. I was having difficulty selling and getting in the door, so we went out together on sales calls and he observed me during a full day. This day alone and what I had learned from Ron was invaluable. We create four new customers as a result of this activity. I don't know other consultants willing to do that.”
Andrew Bader, OGS Industries, Inc.

“The main reason why I have been able to perform at a high level at age 23 without any prior sales experience is due to my sales coach Ron Finklestein. I want to introduce you to him. It is with his help that I have achieved all I have in my 13 months at Heartland. I believe Ron can help all sales people achieve better results faster. I am including a little about Ron hoping that you will see the same value I have experienced.”
Adam Niec, Heartland Merchant Services (1 Call Close)